Who wakes up in Act 4 of Midsummer Night’s Dream?

In act 4 of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, the characters who wake up are Titania, Bottom, Lysander, Hermia, Demetrius, and Helena. Upon awaking, Titania is surprised and disgusted that she had fallen in love with Bottom. Bottom, his human head restored, is sure he has had a dream worth turning into a ballad.

What happened in Act 4 of Midsummer Nights Dream?

Theseus decides that these two new couples will join his wedding, and it will become a triple wedding. The couples are thrilled. They discuss their strange dreams from the night before as they leave. Bottom also awakes from what he believes was a dream about having a donkey head.

When Bottom wakes up in the woods alone in Act 4 What does he think?

Theseus announces that the four Athenians too will marry the same day as he and Hippolyta. Bottom wakes up alone in the woods and thinks that his friends have abandoned. He recalls his dream and decides to ask Quince to write a ballad based on his dream. Bottom intends to perform the ballad someday.

What is Hermia’s reaction when she wakes up in Act 4?

145: Hermia wakes suddenly from a nightmare she had, crying out for Lysander to help her. She dreamt that a snake was eating her heart while Lysander sat by and watched, smiling. She then realizes Lysander isn’t near her after all, and she gets scared.

What happened in Act 4 Scene 1 of A Midsummer night’s Dream?

Titania wakes and is amazed to find that she is sleeping with the donkey-like Bottom. Oberon calls for music and takes his queen away to dance. She says that she hears the morning lark, and they exit. Puck speaks a charm over Bottom to restore his normal head, and he follows after his master.

How does Demetrius feel when he wakes up in Act 4?

Demetrius, still groggy, asks everyone if they’re sure they’re all awake. He wonders if the Duke was really just there, and if they were supposed to follow him. Demetrius (still charmed) concedes that they must be awake and says they should all recount their dreams on their way back to Athens.

What is Demetrius reaction when he wakes up?

3.2: Demetrius is dosed by Puck with the magic love juice. When he wakes up, he sees Helena and falls in love with her.

What does Bottom call for when he wakes up?

4.1: Bottom has taken easily and unquestioningly to his new courtly life. He calls on Titania’s servants to do little tasks for him, like scratching his head and bringing him honey. He addresses the fairies as “Monsieur,” like some kind of Frenchman.

When Bottom wakes How much does he remember?

When Bottom wakes, how much does he remember? Bottom remembers that he thought he was an ass and had ass’s ears. 17.