Who wrote teechers?

Who created Teechers?

Written by John Godber, ‘Teechers’ is a play within a play in which three students put on a performance to their teachers and peers.

Why did Godber write Teechers?

We needed to focus on a popular shared experience to attract people to come to the theatre and school life was obviously something that everyone had in common. Hull Truck was very poorly funded back then, so much so, that I agreed to write TEECHERS for £100.

What is the message behind Teechers?

Teechers is a heart-warming love letter to the arts, specifically the subject of drama and the impact that it has on our lives. Written in 1984, John Godber relates his own experience as head of drama at the comprehensive Minsthorpe High School, 1981 – 1983.

When was the play Teechers written?

Teechers is a play by John Godber, written in 1984 and was published in 1985. It was first performed by the Hull Truck Theatre Company at the 1987 Edinburgh Festival starring Martin Barass as Salty, Gill Tompkins as Gail and Shirley Anne Selby as Hobby.

Who was the director of teechers?

Director Adrian McDougall provides a unique insight into some of the artistic and stylistic choices in Teechers, including his upbringing, school life, politics and his time as an actor. He also reflects on what’s really changed since the play was first published.

What style of play is teechers?

Teechers is an adolescent revenge fantasy; the target is the educational system. You undoubtedly know the genre: Teenagers trapped in a school full of dull, indifferent teachers have become alienated and hostile.

Why did Godber write shakers?

At many venues on the tour the rest of the cast also performed a late night version of Bouncers. I was left on the sidelines. Thus came the impetus to write Shakers – a play that would provide strong physical theatre roles and exciting multi-role playing for four women.