Why did Lysander fight Demetrius?

Lysander argues that Demetrius does not really love Helena; Demetrius argues that Lysander is truly in love with HermiaHermiaHermia is one of the strongest female characters in the play. She passionately rejects male authority figures in order to make a powerful claim for her own “sovereignty” in the realm of love. Hermia’s strength is most evident in the opening scene, where she faces off with her father, Egeus, in front of Duke Theseus.

What is the accusation that Lysander makes against Demetrious?

Lysander interrupts, accusing Demetrius of being fickle in love, saying that he was once engaged to Hermia’s friend Helena but abandoned her after he met Hermia. Theseus admits that he has heard this story, and he takes Egeus and Demetrius aside to discuss it.

What is Lysander conflict?

person type and deal with a mistaken identity (Lysander for Demetrius), a petty argument (Oberon and his resentment for Titania’s changeling), or just plain unrequited love. And with the help of Puck (who also caused many of the conflicts), they are resolved, and the lovers all end up with the right person.

Why is Demetrius jealous of Lysander?

Demetrius is naturally jealous of Lysander, since his beloved Hermia is committed to him. He doesn’t keep it secret, either. He tries to convince them both to change their minds in Act 1.

Are Lysander and Demetrius rivals?

In conclusion, this shows that while very different, Demetrius and Lysander are also somewhat alike in the book, A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Overall, they are two very competitive and heated rivals.

Who is Demetrius in love with?


However, he ends up as one of the main romantic characters in the play. In the middle Demetrius falls back in love with Helena, under the love spell, changing his mind about who he wants to marry. At the end Demetrius finally realises that he is actually in love with Helena.