Why was Le Cid condemned by many French critics when it was written in 1636?

Cardinal de Richelieu harshly criticized Le Cid because it broke away from the traditional classical rules of drama. Richelieu’s harsh commentary against Corneille’s work so belittled Corneille’s skills that the playwright did not write another play for the next three years.

Why was Le Cid controversy?

Initially issued as a tragicomedy, Le Cid proved an immense popular success. It sparked a literary controversy, however, and the Académie Française issued a judgment that admitted the play’s beauties but criticized it as dramatically implausible and morally defective.

What is the message of Le Cid?

The main theme of the play is the conflict between love and duty. Chimène and Rodrigue love each other. However, Rodrigue believes he has a duty to uphold the honor of his father by dueling Chimène’s father.

Why is Pierre Corneille’s Le Cid is instrumental in theater history?

Not only did Pierre Corneille produce, for nearly 40 years in all, an astonishing variety of plays to entertain the French court and the Parisian middle class: he also prepared the way for a dramatic theatre that was the envy of Europe throughout the 17th century.

What does CID mean in French?

police judiciaire

[ˌsiːaɪˈdiː ] noun abbreviation. (Britain) (= Criminal Investigation Department) ≈ P.J. f (= police judiciaire)