What is effulgence?

Definition of effulgence : radiant splendor : brilliance.

What is an example of effulgence?

the ability to shine brightly: The fire died down, marked only by a brief effulgence of a glowing ember. Dawn was near and the stars had lost their effulgence. the state of looking very beautiful or being full of goodness: the dazzling effulgence of her beauty.

Can a person be effulgent?

Effulgent comes from the Latin ex meaning “out” and fulgere meaning “to shine”. A light that is effulgent, shines out or radiates. A personality that is effulgent radiates warmth and goodness. When you’re in love, you have an effulgent or radiant look, as though sunlight were shining from your eyes.

What is the opposite of effulgence?

darkness, dullness. (also dulness), duskiness.

What does self effulgent mean?

Self-effulgence can be understood in two ways. One is that self-effulgence means consciousness needs no other support to know, to understand, to recognize, to exist. Its knowingness or intelligence is self-sustained and not dependent on anything else.

What does pilant mean?

Definition of pliant

1 : pliable sense 1a. 2 : easily influenced : yielding. 3 : suitable for varied uses.

What is a synonym for effulgent?

beaming, blazing, bright, brilliant, dazzling, flaming, fluorescent, incandescent, lambent, lucent, lustrous, radiant, resplendent, shining, splendid, vivid.

How do you use effulgent in a sentence?

Effulgent in a Sentence 🔉

  1. The effulgent sun was shining brightly as we headed out for our picnic.
  2. As the bride walked down the aisle, she looked effulgent in her sparkling gown.
  3. Ginger’s blonde hair sparkled under the photographer’s effulgent lights.

Can people be refulgent?

refulgent Add to list Share. If someone tells you that you have refulgent eyes, they mean that your eyes shine brightly, like the stars. This suggests that your special someone is the poetic type, since refulgent is a literary way of saying “bright.”

What is the synonym and antonym of effulgent?

somber. (or sombre), sunless, tenebrous, unlit.

What does effulgence mean in Lord of the Flies?

effulgence. the quality of being bright and sending out rays of light. With that word the heat seemed to increase till it became a threatening weight and the lagoon attacked them with a blinding effulgence. 10.

What does Inveterately mean?

inveterate • \in-VET-uh-rut\ • adjective. 1 : firmly established by long persistence 2 : confirmed in a habit : habitual.

What is the 8 Synonyms of pliant?

Some common synonyms of pliant are adaptable, ductile, malleable, plastic, and pliable. While all these words mean “susceptible of being modified in form or nature,” pliant may stress flexibility and sometimes connote springiness.

What is an example of pliant?

The definition of pliant is something pliable or that can be molded and shaped. A lump of clay is an example of something that would be described as pliant. Yielding readily to influence or domination; compliant.

Is Pliantness a word?

noun frankness, forthrightness, openness, candour, truthfulness, plain speaking, outspokenness His bluntness got him into trouble.

Is arrogation a word?

The act of taking something for oneself: appropriation, assumption, preemption, seizure, usurpation.

What does effulgence mean in Lord of the Flies?

effulgence. the quality of being bright and sending out rays of light. With that word the heat seemed to increase till it became a threatening weight and the lagoon attacked them with a blinding effulgence. 10.

How do you use Immure in a sentence?

Immure in a Sentence 🔉

  1. Caught robbing a bank, Jason knew the police would immure him in a jail cell for an extended period of time.
  2. The asylum would immure my daughter in a barred cell until she proved she was safe to herself and others.

What Immure means?

Definition of immure

transitive verb. 1a : to enclose within or as if within walls. b : imprison. 2 : to build into a wall especially : to entomb in a wall.

What is the meaning of Immuned?

1 : having a high degree of resistance to an illness or disease. 2 : of, relating to, or involving the body’s immune system an immune response. 3 : not influenced or affected by something She is immune to criticism. 4 : not subject to something : exempt They are immune from punishment.

How do you remember the word Immure?

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for immure

Ur immune system is like a wall for diseases. immure=immature…a person was jailed for 2 weeks bcoz of his immaturity….:) Mural means wall.. so immure means enclosed in wall. that the reson we say extranural activities which refer to outside campus sports.

What is the meaning of suffusion?

Medical Definition of suffusion

1 : the act or process of suffusing or state of being suffused with something specifically : the spreading of a fluid of the body into the surrounding tissues a suffusion of blood. 2 : a coloring spread over a surface (as the face)

How do you use the word incredulous in a sentence?

He was incredulous at the news. Many people were incredulous that such a small fire could have caused so much damage.

What is this word contemptuously?

Definition of contemptuous

: manifesting, feeling, or expressing deep hatred or disapproval : feeling or showing contempt.

What is the meaning of superciliously?

Definition of supercilious

: coolly and patronizingly haughty reacted to their breach of etiquette with a supercilious smile.

What is condescending attitude?

Definition of condescending

: showing or characterized by a patronizing or superior attitude toward others.

What is Distrustfulness?

unable or unwilling to trust; doubtful; suspicious: An alert scientist is distrustful of coincidences.

What is another word for cynical?

The words misanthropic and pessimistic are common synonyms of cynical. While all three words mean “deeply distrustful,” cynical implies having a sneering disbelief in sincerity or integrity.

What is a word for untrusting?

synonyms: leery, mistrustful, suspicious, wary distrustful. having or showing distrust.