What is the theme of sweat by Lynn Nottage?

Status. Nottage addresses the theme of social status, specifically in how the characters’ lives and relationships are shaped based on job position, socio-economic class, and education. One of the major plot points in this ensemble driven piece is Cynthia’s promotion to management at Olstead’s factory.

What is the purpose of the play Sweat?

Overview. Sweat is a two-act play written by Lynn Nottage. The play was produced Off-Broadway in 2016 and on Broadway in 2017. Sweat examines the changing lives of factory workers in Reading, Pennsylvania, between the years of .

What is the meaning of Sweat by Lynn Nottage?

“Sweat” is ultimately about the struggle between outsiders and insiders. It’s a story of people who built the nation from the ground up in pursuit of the American Dream. While writer Lynn Nottage’s words create colorful, flawed characters who are often too stubborn, the cast brought them to life.

How does Sweat play end?

Chris and Jason are in separate, yet parallel meetings, with Evan. Both of the boys discuss the incident in the bar and their feelings on the tragic event. In the final scene of the play, Jason and Chris end up at the bar.

What happens to Oscar in Sweat?

Eight years later, Oscar has become the manager of the bar and looks after Stan, who now works as a busboy. He seems open to forgiving Jason and Chris when they come to make amends after being released from prison.

What is the genre of the play Sweat?


Drama; Family Drama
Of course, drama also comes from actions and events in “Sweat,” like when Delia notices the soap box Sykes brings home and which holds her worst nightmare: a rattlesnake.

What is the inciting incident in Sweat by Lynn Nottage?

Stan slams a baseball bat down on the bar and orders Jason to sit, but Jason blocks Oscar from leaving and begins to beat him. Stan and Chris try to intervene, but Tracey and Jessie egg the fight on.

What is the climax of the play Sweat?

Climax: While Jason and Chris are attacking Oscar at the local bar, Jason accidentally hits Stan in the head with a baseball bat, leaving him permanently disabled with a traumatic brain injury.

What happens to Stan at the end of Sweat?

This causes Stan to fall and hit his head on the bar, sustaining a traumatic brain injury that permanently hinders his speech, hearing, and movement.