What was the bond between Shylock and Antonio?

Answer: The details of the bond between Antonio and Shylock in The Merchant of Venice state that Antonio must forfeit one pound of flesh to be cut off of any part of his body if he does not repay the full amount of the loan by a specific date, which is precisely three months from the time he signs the bond.

What was the bond agreement between Shylock and Antonio?

Shylock deliberates over whether he will agree to lend Antonio the money or not, given how badly Antonio has treated him in the past. Ultimately he agrees, however on the condition that Shylock will be entitled to cut off a pound of Antonio’s flesh if he fails to repay the three thousand ducats within three months.

What is the bond story in Merchant of Venice?

The Bond story or the story of Antonio’s borrowing money from Shylock is the main story of the play “The Merchant of Venice’. Bassanjo is the close friend of Antonio. He wants to go to Belmont to win the hand of rich and most beautiful lady Portia in marriage. But he has no money.

What kind of bond does Shylock expect?

Shylock want to take Antonio to the notary to sign the bond document which stipulates that the forfeit to be paid will be a pound of flesh from any part of Antonio’s body. (b) Merry sport: for a pleasant joke. 3.

What is shylocks bond?

First, it completes the exposition of the two major plot lines of the play: Antonio agrees to Shylock’s bond — three thousand ducats for a pound of flesh; and second, and more important dramatically, this scene introduces Shylock himself.

What were the terms of the bond?

The term of the bond is the amount of time between bond issuance and bond maturity. On the maturity date of a term bond, the bond’s face value, the principal amount, must be repaid to the bondholder. Term bonds can be contrasted with serial bonds, which mature in installments over a period of time.

What kind of bond do Shylock and Antonio have according to the text?

The term of the bond is if Antonio is unable to pay the three thousand ducats specified on the paper on a certain date, in an agreed place, the forfeit to be paid, will be an exact pound of Antonio’s flesh which Shylock will be at liberty to take from any part of his body which pleases him.

What happens to the bond at the end of the play Merchant of Venice?

They are joined, unexpectedly, by Lorenzo and Jessica. The celebration, however, is cut short by the news that Antonio has indeed lost his ships, and that he has forfeited his bond to Shylock. Bassanio and Gratiano immediately travel to Venice to try and save Antonio’s life.