Who died in our town?

At the end of the intermission, Mrs. Gibbs, Simon Stimson, Mrs. Soames, and Wally Webb, among others, take their seats. All of these characters have died in the intervening years between Act II and Act III, and the stage has become the local cemetery, situated at the top of a hill overlooking Grover’s Corners.

How did Mrs Gibbs died in Our Town?

Mrs. Gibbs died of pneumonia in Canton, Ohio while visiting Rebecca and her husband. Mrs. Gibbs greets Emily when she enters the cemetery.

How did Wally Webb died in Our Town?

Wally dies young, the result of a burst appendix on a Boy Scout trip. His untimely death underscores the brief and fleeting nature of life.

Why did Simon Stimson commit suicide?

In contrast to Mrs. Soames’ idealism is the negative view of Simon Stimson, who committed suicide because of his alcoholism.

What happens to Emily in Our Town?

Emily has died from giving birth to her second child. She goes to the cemetery plot where her body will rest.

How old was Emily when she died in our town?


Wistfully, Emily, who is only twenty-six at the time of her death, realizes that she is out of place in the familiar scene.

How does the play Our Town End?

In the final moments of the play, the recently deceased Emily is granted the opportunity to revisit one day in her life, only to discover that she never fully appreciated all she possessed until she lost it. “Oh, earth, you’re too wonderful for anybody to realize you,” she says as she takes her place among the dead.

What did Mrs Webb not allow George to do before the wedding?

‘Tain’t natural to be lonesome.” George comes downstairs and goes next door to visit his girl but Mrs. Webb won’t let him inside because a groom can’t see his bride on the wedding day. Mr.

Who was Dr Gibbs son in Our Town?

Our Town Characters

George Gibbs Dr. and Mrs. Gibbs’ son; decent, upstanding young man; talented baseball player, plans to attend the state agricultural school; marries Emily Webb
Rebecca Gibbs George’s younger sister
Mr. Webb Emily’s father and publisher of Grover’s Corners Sentinel