How much are Malco movie tickets?

Malco Theatres Ticket Prices

Children (ages 2-11) $5.50 – $7.50
Adults (ages 12 & up) $7.00 – $11.00
Seniors (ages 65+) $6.50 – $8.00
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How much should a movie ticket cost?

In fiscal year 2019, the Average Ticket Price for PVR Cinemas across India was around 207 Indian rupees, indicating a drop from 215 rupees per ticket in the previous fiscal year. On the other hand, INOX Cinemas saw an increase in their average ticket price at 197 rupees from 191 rupees in fiscal year 2018.

How much are movie tickets at AMC?

AMC Ticket Prices

Children (ages 2-12) $10.69
Adults (ages 13 & up) $13.69
Seniors (ages 60+) $12.69
Student Discount (Only On Thursdays) $12.69

How much is a movie ticket in BC?

Cineplex Ticket Prices

Children (ages 3-13) $7.99 – $8.99
Adults (ages 14 & up) $10.99 – $12.99
Seniors (ages 65+) $8.50 – $10.50

Is Malco owned by AMC?

Malco Theatres, Inc. is a movie theatre chain that has remained family owned and operated for over one hundred years. It has been led by four generations of the Lightman family.
Malco Theatres.

Type Family Owned
Area served Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi, Kentucky, Missouri, Louisiana

How much do most movie tickets cost?

9.16 U.S. dollars

Average ticket price at movie theaters in the U.S. & Canada 1980-, moviegoers in the United States had to pay an average ticket price of 9.16 U.S. dollars. This marks an increase from 2017 where the average ticket price was 8.93 U.S. dollars.

How much does it cost to go to a movie today?

Regal Ticket Prices

Children (<11 years) $10.00 – $13.00
Adults $13.00 – $16.50
Seniors (ages 60+) $10.00 – $13.00

How much do students save at AMC?

15% off regularly priced items w/ valid school ID.

How old do you have to be to watch a rated R movie?

Children 6 and under are not allowed to attend Rated R features. For Rated R Features you must be 18 or older to purchase a single ticket for the feature. A parent or guardian, 21 or over, is required to accompany and remain in the feature with any underage individuals.