How much did Tracey Emin’s bed sell for?

Tracey Emin’s controversial My Bed modern artwork has sold for £2.2m at auction at Christie’s in London. The 1998 work features an unmade bed and a floor littered with empty vodka bottles, cigarette butts and condoms.

How much did the unmade bed sell for?

$4,351,969 dollars

A 16-year-old unmade bed, turned into an art installation, sold for $4,351,969 dollars at a Christie’s art auction in London on Tuesday, according to Christie’s. Artist Tracey Emin calls it “My Bed,” because it was the bed where she spent four days in 1998 “heartbroken and feeling terrible” she tells CNN.

Where is Tracey Emin’s bed now?

One of Tracey Emin’s most famous contemporary works of art is going on display in her hometown in Kent. Her unmade bed, created in her London council flat in 1998, features stained sheets, cigarette packets, discarded condoms and soiled underwear.

What did Tracey Emin’s My Bed consist of?

When Emin finally left her sheets, she examined the mess she’d created. Crumpled tissues, period-stained clothing, cigarettes, empty vodka bottles, a pregnancy test, lubricant, and condoms surrounded her bed. She decided it was a work of art.

Why My Bed by Tracey Emin is an art?

Tracey Emin – My Bed

Tracey Emin was inspired by the difficult depressive phase she’s been through while just lying in bed without eating and just drinking alcohol. After coming to her senses, the artist realized the horror she found herself in.

Who bought unmade bed?

Saatchi bought My Bed (1998) for a reported £150,. A year earlier, Emin had been nominated for the Turner Prize for the installation of an unmade bed, strewn with empty vodka bottles, cigarette butts and discarded condoms.

Why you shouldn’t make your bed first thing in the morning?

Our beds attract dust mites and making your bed first thing in the morning will allow them to keep growing, he said. “But if you keep your bed unmade it exposes the dust mites to light and fresh air which actually helps kill them off,” he added.

What does unmade bed mean?

adjective. An unmade bed has not had the sheets and covers neatly arranged after it was last slept in.