What does Grand Basileus mean?

The term megas basileus (“Great Emperor“) was also sometimes used for the same purpose.

What is a Basileus in a sorority?

Basileus – synonym for the chapter president used by some NPHC groups. Bid – a formal invitation to join a Greek-letter organization. Big Brother/Big Sister – an initiated member of an organization paired with an uninitiated member to help them through the member education period.

What does RQQ mean to Omega Psi Phi?

Omega Psi Phi Fraternity brother agrees and greets another Omega Psi Phi brother in return. A salutory exchange of brotherly agreement. Submitted by rinat on September 8, 2019. RQQ. This is short for the “barking” sound of a Bulldog.

Who was the first Grand Basileus of Omega Psi Phi?

Grand Basileus

Name Order Time in Office
Edgar Amos Love 1st Grand Basileus 1911–1912
Oscar J. Cooper 2nd Grand Basileus 1912–1913
Edgar Amos Love 3rd Grand Basileus 1913–1915
George E. Hall 4th Grand Basileus 1915–1916

Do Omega Psi Phi cut their hair?

But the trademark locks are gone now, replaced with a more traditional crew cut as a requirement of the fraternity pledging process. Gulley joined Omega Psi Phi during the offseason, and losing the hair was a sacrifice he was willing to make.

How do you address Basileus?

The correct address for the presiding officer is “Madam Supreme Basileus, ” “Madam Regional Director” or “Madam Basileus.” This formal address helps to depersonalize issues under discussion and enhances respect for the position. The correct way to address a member is “Soror” followed by her first or last name.

What is the role of the Basileus?

a. The Basileus shall preside at all meetings of the chapter. She shall enforce the laws and appoint all committee chairmen not provided for in the chapter by-laws. She shall serve as an ex-officio member of all committees except the Nominating Committee, Auditing and Standards.

Is DL Hughley an Omega Psi Phi?

Hughley, Anthony Anderson and Ted Ginn Sr. as Honorary Members. Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. announced via social media Thursday night that they have inducted four new honorary members into their fraternity.

What does be owt mean?

/ (aʊt) / pronoun. Northern English a dialect word for anything.