What happened after Jason got the Golden Fleece?

The tragic end Hera had finally avenged herself through Jason. The quest for the Golden Fleece had been a trick to bring Medea to Iolcus to kill Pelias. Hera no longer had use of Jason who went into exile with Medea in Corinth, where he led a very uneventful life. But even the most righteous of men are swayed.

What happened when Jason returned with the Golden Fleece?

Jason returns

Jason, celebrating his return with the Golden Fleece, noted that his father was too aged and infirm to participate in the celebrations. He had seen and been served by Medea’s magical powers. He asked Medea to take some years from his life and add them to the life of his father.

Why did Jason go after the Golden Fleece?

Aietes sacrificed the ram and hung the fleece in a sacred grove guarded by a dragon, as an oracle had foretold that Aietes would lose his kingdom if he lost the fleece. Determined to reclaim his throne, Jason agrees to retrieve the Golden Fleece.

What happens to Pelias after Jason returns with the Golden Fleece?

What happens to Pelias after Jason returns with the Golden Fleece? Pelias refuses to give Jason the kingdom back, so Medea tricks his daughters into killing him. Jason gets tired of Medea and marries someone else. Medea threatens the new wife and is exiled from the country.

Where does the Golden Fleece ultimately end up?

Not long after, Jason and the Argonauts finally land on the shore of Colchis, the land of the legendary Golden Fleece.

Is Jason a god in Atlantis?

After his father disappeared, Jason accidentally returned to his home world whilst searching for him, and began a new adventure in the city of Atlantis.
“You can’t go until you’ve cleaned this place!”

Species: Human/God
Myth of origin : Jason and the Argonauts
Aliases: Rightful Prince of Atlantis
Status: Alive