What is a local dialect?

A dialect is a form of a language that is spoken in a particular area. In the fifties, many Italians spoke only local dialect. They began to speak rapidly in dialect. Synonyms: language, speech, tongue, jargon More Synonyms of dialect.

What is an example of a dialect?

A dialect (pronounced DIE-uh-lect) is any particular form of a language spoken by some group of people, such as southern English, Black English, Appalachian English, or even standard English.

What is an example of a regional dialect?

Examples and Observations

“As opposed to a national dialect, a regional dialect is spoken in one particular area of a country. In the USA, regional dialects include Appalachian, New Jersey and Southern English, and in Britain, Cockney, Liverpool English and ‘Geordie’ (Newcastle English). . . .

What is another word for local dialect?

What is another word for local language?

dialect language
lingo jargon
patois vocabulary
vernacular argot
cant idiom

What are the types of dialects?

The standard dialect serves a function: binding people together with a common written form. Standard forms are grammatical forms.

  • Regional Dialect. A subgroup variety of a language associated with a particular geographical area is called a regional dialect. …
  • Ethnic dialect. …
  • Sociolect. …
  • Accent.

What is a regional dialect?

Regional dialect:

A regional dialect is not a distinct language but a variety of a language spoken in a particular area of a country. Some regional dialects have been given traditional names which mark them out as being significantly different from standard varieties spoken in the same place.