What is an example of allusion in Romeo and Juliet Act 3?

Examples Of Allusion In Act 3 Of Romeo & Juliet Here Romeo says, “tis but the reflex of Cynthia’s brow.” He is saying that the gray of what they think is morning in fact isn’t morning, but the reflection of the moon.

What is allusion in Romeo and Juliet Act 3 Scene 2?

Act 3, scene 2

This is an allusion to Phoebus, also called Apollo, the Greek god of the sun. This is an allusion to Phaeton, the son of the Greek Titan sun god.

What is an example of an allusion in Romeo and Juliet?

“O, then I see Queen Mab hath been with you. In the above quote, Mercutio makes a reference to Queen Mab, the queen of the fairies. He uses the allusion as a means to mock the huge significance Romeo places on his dreams. As a queen of the fairies, Queen Mab helped people in the fruition of their dreams.

What is an example of irony in Romeo and Juliet Act 3?

Act 3, Scene 2 – the nurse weeps (for Tybalt), but at fist she never openly states who she is weeping for. Juliet misinterprets her and thinks that Romeo has been killed. (its actually Tybalt) “Alack the day! He’s gone, he’s killed, he’s dead!”

What is the climax in Act 3 of Romeo and Juliet?

1- The fight between Tybalt and Mercutio, leading to Mercutio’s death as well as :: Tybalt’s. 2- Juliet learns of Tybalt’s death, she does not think she can trust Romeo anymore, but gets over it.

What are some examples of an allusion?

Common Examples of Allusion in Everyday Speech

  • His smile is like kryptonite to me. …
  • She felt like she had a golden ticket. …
  • That guy is young, scrappy, and hungry. …
  • I wish I could just click my heels. …
  • If I’m not home by midnight, my car might turn into a pumpkin. …
  • She smiles like a Cheshire cat.