What is the Tri Delta flower?

The pansyThe pansy is Tri Delta’s flower. It is also a symbol of alumnae membership and the third step in the lifetime development of Tri Delta’s members.

What is the Tri Delta symbol?

Tri Delta partnered with St.

Delta Delta Delta
Symbol ΔΔΔ (primary), dolphin (secondary)
Flower Pansy
Tree Pine
Jewel Pearl

What is Tri Delta color?

Delta Delta Delta (ΔΔΔ)

Chapter name Delta Delta Delta
Nickname Tri Delta
Colors Silver, Gold, and Blue
Symbols/Mascot Dolphin and Pansy
Philanthropy St. Jude Children’s Cancer Research Hospital, East Tennessee Children’s Hospital

What is Chi Omega symbol?

Chi Omega (ΧΩ, also known as ChiO) is a women’s fraternity and a member of the National Panhellenic Conference, the umbrella organization of 26 women’s fraternities.

Chi Omega
Symbol Skull and Crossbones
Flower White Carnation
Jewel Pearl, Diamond
Mascot Owl