What is the Whispering Gallery in St Paul’s Cathedral?

The Whispering Gallery, as it’s become known, sits 30m above the crossing of the nave. It’s a circular walkway which hugs the base of the dome structure, offering a vertiginous view of the cathedral floor far below.

What is the use of whispering gallery?

A whispering gallery is most simply constructed in the form of a circular wall, and allows whispered communication from any part of the internal side of the circumference to any other part.

What is a whispering gallery Why was it given this name?

The name comes from the fact that waves of sound carried under them are known as whispering-gallery waves. They travel around the circumference, clinging to the walls.

Can you visit the whispering gallery in St Pauls?

More Information about St Paul’s Cathedral Tickets. Please note: Within the Dome, the Whispering Gallery remains closed to the public until further notice. Subject to the day of the week, the Stone Gallery and Golden Gallery are open.

Why is St Paul’s whispering gallery closed?

The dome/whispering gallery is closed for the foreseeable future, apparently until they can figure out how to keep foolish people from climbing on the rails and falling to their deaths.

What does whispering gallery mean?

Definition of whispering gallery

: a gallery or dome so constructed that sounds produced in the area are concentrated in another by reflection from the walls so that feeble sounds are audible at an extraordinary distance.