What theater was Phantom of the Opera filmed in?

The film was announced in 1989, although production did not start until 2002 due to Lloyd Webber’s divorce and Schumacher’s busy career. It was shot entirely at Pinewood Studios, with scenery created with miniatures and computer graphics.

The Phantom of the Opera (2004 film)

The Phantom of the Opera
Screenplay by Andrew Lloyd Webber Joel Schumacher

Which Theatre is Phantom of the Opera set in?

Paris opera house

The setting of The Phantom of the Opera is the actual Paris opera house, Palais Garnier.

Is the theater from Phantom of the Opera real?

The musical was inspired by a real-life tragedy that took place in a Paris theatre, leaving one person dead. The incident happened at one of Paris’ opera houses, Palais Garnier, in May 1986, during a performance of the opera Helle.

Where was the original Phantom of the Opera filmed?

The film was made on an elaborate soundstage in Hollywood that recreated the Paris Opera House. Many old Hollywood films recreated famous Paris locations on studio soundstages, but perhaps none were more elaborate than the Paris Opera House sets for the 1925 silent film, The Phantom of the Opera.

Where is the Opera House in Phantom of the Opera?

Anyone familiar with a large opera house would testify that it is an extraordinary labyrinth of people and passageways, but the Paris Opera House of the last quarter of the nineteenth century, in which Gaston Leroux set The Phantom of the Opera, was remarkable by any standards.

Why is the Phantom’s face deformed?

In Universal’s 1943 adaptation, he is disfigured when the publisher’s assistant throws etching acid in his face.