What type of character is Antigone?

She is strong, passionate, and full of love; sometimes to a fault; she feels a heaviness of duty to her family name and to the Gods, and to her, they are one and the same; fearless and thoughtful, takes risks, and is quick to judge; empowered by her defiance, she is proud, sensitive, and open, which gives her a …

Is Antigone a round or flat character?

In Sophocles’ Antigone, the antagonist, Creon is a foil to the protagonist, Antigone. Creon is also considered a flat character due to the fact we do not know much about said character. Antigone would be considered a round character because we know much about her ideals, personality, and defining traits.

Is Antigone a protagonist or antagonist?

When the title is the name of the main character, one of these parts is the characterization of the character. One of those parts is naming it the protagonist of the drama. Sophocles wrote Antigone as a Sophoclean tragic hero, making her as the protagonist.

Is Antigone a complex character?

Antigone, the character for which the play was named, is a very complex character. She seems to change directions all throughout the play and there is never one point in which you know exactly what she will do because she is just that unpredictable.

Is Antigone a static character?

The static character in Sophocles’ Antigone is the eponymous character Antigone herself. She is a static character because she has the same motivation…

Is Antigone a dynamic or static character?

No, Antigone is not a dynamic character, but rather stays static throughout the play. She establishes her personality and values in the opening scene…

Is Creon a dynamic or static character?

Creon, King of Thebes in the dramatic play Antigone takes on the role that of a static character.

Who is the protagonist of the play Antigone give reasons?

Creon is the protagonist in Antigone, because his motivation throughout Antigone is the stability and wellbeing of Thebes. Moreover, Antigone is the antagonist in Antigone, because her motivation is selfish and deceiving. In Antigone the setting is Thebes post the death of both airs to the throne.

Who is the protagonist in Sophocles?

A popular misconception is that the character Antigone must be the protagonist due to her direct name being the title. Sophocles intends the play to highlight Antigone and her soon to be fatal clash with her newly crowned uncle, Creon. Hence, the basic title, Antigone.

Who is tragic hero in Antigone?


In Sophocles’ Antigone, translated by Ian Johnston, the overall tragic hero is Creon. Creon becoming king brings new laws that are not accepted by everyone’s morals and they do not all follow the laws of the gods.

How are the characters developed in Antigone?

Antigone develops into an admirable character in which she portrays her defiance and courage, pride and open mindedness, and sense of moral righteousness to show vital character growth as the play progresses. Antigone’s own excessive pride drives her to her defeat.

What does Antigone look like?

Unlike her beautiful and docile sister, Antigone is scrawny, sallow, withdrawn, and recalcitrant brat. Like Anouilh’s Eurydice, the heroine of his play Eurydice, and Joan of Arc, Antigone has a boyish physique and curses her girlhood.

What is Antigone’s tragic flaw?

Antigone believes her flaw to be her strength; although her strength may be seen as a flaw, this is not what brought her to her untimely death. Antigone’s major flaw was her loyalty, and her commitment was what brought her to the afterlife.