When was Tu Se Morta composed?


When was Orfeo written?


The Root Of All Opera: Monteverdi’s ‘Orfeo’ It’s hard to say who wrote the very first opera, but there’s little doubt about the first, truly great one — it’s Monteverdi’s 1607 masterpiece, Orfeo, and it comes to World of Opera from a truly great opera house, Milan’s La Scala.

What type of opera is Tu Se Morta?

The genre of Tu se morta is opera recitative. Additionally, the song has a text of an opera and has a texture of homophonic.

Is Tu Se Morta an aria?

In traditional performances of the opera, the ‘Tu Se Morta’ (You Are Dead) aria marks the titular character’s discovery of the death of his beloved Eurydice, and his vow to bring his wife back from the underworld.

Is Tu Se Morta a concerto?

This work is a solo concerto and as such features a contrast between a full orchestra and a soloist.

Who composed Tu Se Morta?

Claudio Monteverdi was a Baroque composer who was born in Italy in 1567.