Who is Kotrina in the jungle?

Kotrina is Teta Elzbieta’s only daughter and Ona’s half-sister. When Teta Elzbieta is forced to go out into the working world, it becomes Kotrina’s responsibility to look after their home. She is only thirteen, but she has to do all of the cooking and cleaning for the whole family.

Who is Jurgis dad?

Antanas Rudkus

Antanas Rudkus (Dede Antanas) Jurgis’ father.

Who is Jurgis wife in The Jungle?

Ona Lukoszaite Teta

Ona Lukoszaite
Teta Elzbieta’s stepdaughter and Jurgis’s wife. A kind, lovely, and optimistic girl, Ona is ruined by the forces of capitalism that work against the family, particularly after she is raped by her boss, Phil Connor.