Who is Travis from Aphmau?

Patrick M. Seymour

Counterpart Travis (MyStreet)
First Appearance “Cursed at Sea”
Voice Actor Patrick M. Seymour

How old is Travis from Aphmau?


Full Name Travis Valkrum
Age 29
Complexion Lightly Tanned
Hair Color Grey & White
Eye Color Emerald Green Light Gray (Formerly)

Who is Travis dad in MyStreet?

Terrence “Terry” Valkrum

Terrence “Terry” Valkrum is a main character in MyStreet: When Angels Fall and MyStreet: Starlight. He is the father of Travis Valkrum and the former vessel of Michael.

Who does Garroth end up with?

In episode 25 of season 1, Water Cats, Garroth “proposes” to Aphmau. He packs supplies for her in a chest, and it contains a wedding ring and a flower crown.

Who is the blue guy in Aphmau?

Guy (MyStreet)

Complexion Pale
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue

Who is Kim in Aphmau?

Kim (MyStreet)

Friend(s) Laurance (Former Crush) Garroth Lily (Roommate) Lucinda Zane Ghost (Possessor) Kawaii~Chan Aphmau Aaron Lady Irene
First Appearance “High School Love” “Aaron’s Proposal Plan”
Voice Actor Corinne Sudberg

Why does Aaron wear a bandana?

During periods of emotional instability or especially reclusive periods of time, Aaron wears a red bandana over his eyes to reduce the possibility of humans seeing the eyes of an Ultima.

How many siblings does kawaii Chan have?

eleven brothers and sisters

In Episode 7, it’s revealed that she has eleven brothers and sisters and that Kawaii~Chan isn’t her real name and was a nickname to fit her new persona, so she could stand out from her brothers and sisters due to them all having the same hair and eye colour.

What did Gene do Aphmau?

In “Blackmailed”, his gang is blackmailing Aphmau with Gene’s picture of her and Garroth kissing. He threatened to show it to Laurance, ruining his and Garroth’s friendship. He meets behind the stands of the football field. Gene then nicknames her ‘Kitty’ “she had claws” as he puts it.