Who poisoned Claudius?

According to Tacitus, Agrippina got Halotus to feed Claudius a poisoned mushroom and when that did not work, Claudius’s doctor put a poisoned feather down his throat, ostensibly to make him vomit.

How did Agrippina destroy Claudius?

His actions allegedly gave Agrippina a motive to eliminate Claudius. The ancient sources say she poisoned Claudius on October 13, 54 (a Sunday) with a plate of deadly mushrooms at a banquet, thus enabling Nero to quickly take the throne as emperor.

What caused his downfall Claudius?

Roman tradition is unanimous in stating that Claudius was poisoned by Agrippina on October 13, 54 ce, though the details differ. A version of poisoning by mushrooms prevailed.

Did Drusilla get pregnant by Caligula?

This theme was embellished considerably in the 1976 BBC television adaptation of I, Claudius, where Drusilla was played by Beth Morris. A pregnant Drusilla was subjected to a brutal Caesarean section by an insane Caligula, who swallows the child off-camera as Chronos did his children.

Was Agrippa poisoned?

His case is often mentioned to highlight the frequency with which ordinary citizens were being executed in that time, and for the novelty of the case’s outcome: Agrippa faced his accusers in the senate and swallowed poison that he had brought with him in a ring.

Who killed Claudius in Hamlet?


Hamlet first cuts Claudius with his rapier, then forces him to drink from the poisoned cup. Each of Claudius’ “deaths” represents different things to Hamlet. One death represents the death of King Hamlet, and the other represents the death of Hamlet’s id. As soon as Gertrude dies, Hamlet is able to kill Claudius.

Who poisoned King Hamlet?

Old Hamlet, the King of Denmark, is poisoned by his brother, Claudius. Claudius uses the poison for his own selfish ambition and marries Old Hamlet’s widow, Gertrude, making him the new King of Denmark.