Why does Hermia insist Lysander sleep a little bit away from her?

Why does Hermia insist Lysander sleep away from her? Hermia feels that it isn’t right for her to sleep in the same bed as Lysander before they are married.

Why does Hermia suggest Lysander sleep away from her?

For his part, Lysander insists that his intentions are honorable. He simply wants to sleep by Hermia’s side. But Hermia doesn’t want to take any chances, so she insists that Lysander sleep apart from her in order to preserve their modesty.

Why does Hermia not sleep beside Lysander?

When Puck sees the two lovers sleeping separately, he does not interpret their distance as a sign of modesty. Instead, he assumes that Lysander is the “lack-love” Demetrius and that Hermia is not sleeping close to him because he’s such a lout.

How does Lysander convince Hermia to let him sleep near her?

Lysander tries to convince Hermia to let him sleep next to her: ‘One turf shall serve as a pillow for us both, One heart, one bed, two bosoms, and one troth. ‘ Hermia won’t allow even this innocent proximity until they’re married.

Why does Hermia ask him to move further away to sleep?

Hermia, who is running away to avoid her father’s choice of husband in order to marry her own—a crime punishable by death or banishment to a nunnery—asks Lysander, “For my sake, my dear, lie further off yet. Do not lie so near,” because it is unseemly for an unmarried couple to sleep together.

Why did Lysander and Hermia want to run away how did they plan to elope?

Hermia’s father wants her to marry Demetrius. He says that if she refuses, he will have her put to death. But she is in love with Lysander. They run away to the woods, planning to get married in secret.

Who finds Lysander sleeping in the woods?

Saying that she is out of breath, Helena remains behind, bemoaning her unrequited love. She sees the sleeping Lysander and wakes him up. The potion takes effect, and Lysander falls deeply in love with Helena. He begins to praise her beauty and to declare his undying passion for her.

Why does Lysander abandon Hermia in the woods?

Lysander declares that he no longer loves Hermia and that his heart belongs to Helena. Lysander says he thought leaving Hermia sleeping alone in the woods in the middle of the night was a clear enough message that he hates her. Helena thinks that Hermia is in on some big, elaborate joke designed to make her look silly.