Why is Fernando Botero important?

Fernando Botero, (born April 19, 1932, Medellín, Colombia), Colombian artist known for his paintings and sculptures of inflated human and animal shapes.

Why is Fernando Botero paintings important?

Fernando Botero is a Colombian artist with a penchant for voluminous characters and an explosive color palette. His signature style, known as “Boterismo”, depicts people and figures in large, exaggerated volumes, which has been used to represent political criticism or humor depending on the piece.

Who influenced Fernando Botero?

Botero’s early artistic inspiration came from both Latin America and Europe. The Mexican muralists as well as the Spanish masters Pablo Picasso and Juan Gris were among those who first sparked Botero’s creative imagination.

What is Fernando Botero legacy?

Fernando Botero

Botero is something of a Colombian folk hero. The Museo Botero in Bogotá houses his work and private collection; he designed the label for a popular brand of rum. His work is both highly priced at auction and widely collected.

Who is the most famous artist in Colombia?

Fernando Botero

Fernando Botero, self-dubbed ‘the most Colombian of Colombian artists’, is a name synonymous with Latin American art. The prolific artist and his signature style, known as Boterismo, evoke images of voluptuous, voluminous people and objects, and his success as an artist is incontestable.

Why does Botero paint big people?

The figures painted and sculpted by Botero are not really ‘fat’. They are his formal bid for expressing the sensuality of form, to explore the possibilities of volume and give monumentality to the protagonists of his pictorial world.

Why do people like Fernando Botero’s art?

As well as from being an outstanding painter, Botero has created sculptures which are also found all over the world. Because his figures have one main characteristic (absolutely all of his figures are “chubby”) his works are easily recognizable. This personal trademark is appreciated internationally.

Why did Botero paint the Mona Lisa?

Botero’s ‘Mona Lisa, Age Twelve’ version of the Mona Lisa1 was painted in 1959. Deeply rooted in satire, Botero used inflated figures as his subjects perhaps to comment on the figure’s egos and feeling of self-importance.

How many paintings has Botero painted?

Botero has produced more than 120 oil paintings and 200 drawings on this theme. Arts writer Curtis Bill Pepper writes that “Botero’s distinctive exaggerated forms perfectly complement the exaggerated atmosphere of the circus”.