What function does the stage manager serve in our town?

The Stage Manager essentially plays the role of the audience’s guide. He breaks through the fourth wall—the imaginary barrier between the audience and the action on the stage—to facilitate a dialogue between the audience and the content of the play.

What does the stage manager put in the cornerstone in Our Town?

The Stage Manager says that he will have a copy of this play, Our Town, placed in the cornerstone so that people in the future will know some simple facts about everyday life at the beginning of the twentieth century.

What is normally the job of a stage manager?

Stage managers facilitate communication across all creative and technical departments; act as a right hand to the director; oversee sets, props, lights, and sound; and call all technical cues during performances.

Is the Stage Manager in Our Town religious?

No the stage manager is not religious. He does not say anything in regards to the after life or religion. He does not say anything about heaven or hell.

What does the stage manager do at the end of the act?

When a show is over, the stage manager usually handles things such as an after-production party, making sure props, sets and costumes are put back into storage and returning any equipment that was borrowed. In some cases, They might be involved in handling bills related to the show.

What purpose does the stage manager say he hopes that the play will serve?

What purpose does the Stage Manager say he hopes that the play will serve? To help make the audience’s imagination grow.

What other characters does the stage manager play in Our Town?

He is both part of the world of Grover’s Corners and outside of it: he describes himself as a resident of the town and acts as various townspeople such as Mr. Morgan and the minister at Emily and George’s wedding, but he is also conscious of Our Town as a play.