How does Creon kill Antigone?

Under Creon’s decree, the punishment for burying Polynices is death by stoning. Creon does not sentence Antigone to death by stoning, however. He orders her entombed alive, so as to avoid the public spectacle of her death. The sentence is still death, but it is a death away from the eyes of the public.

What does Creon do at the end of Antigone?

After rejecting Tiresias angrily, Creon reconsiders and decides to bury Polynices and free Antigone. But Creon’s change of heart comes too late. Antigone has hanged herself and Haemon, in desperate agony, kills himself as well.

What is Creon’s punishment for Antigone’s death?

Creon’s punishment for killing Antigone is that he loses his family to death. His son, Haemon, stabs himself when he sees that Antigone has hung…

How did Antigone end?

The king is super mad and confronts his son, telling Haemon that he’s still got to kill Antigone. Hercules, who’s a god by this point, comes down and tries to reason with Creon. Creon won’t listen, though. So, Haemon ends up killing Antigone and then killing himself.

How does Creon abuse his power?

Creon abused his power by thinking that he can change or brake the laws of the Gods and not allowing other people to brake his laws. He did not want to burry Polyneices’ body, but one of the God’s law is that every human deserves to be buried after death not depending what that certain person did in his lifetime.

Does Creon regret killing Antigone?

Yes, Creon regrets killing Antigone, not only because her death caused a chain reaction that claimed the lives of his wife and son, but because he… See full answer below.

Why is Creon so determined to punish Antigone?

Creon feels he must punish Antigone because, by defying his authority and trying to bury her brother, Antigone has become a threat to his rule.

How responsible is Creon for the deaths of Antigone Haemon and Eurydice?

Creon can be blamed for the deaths because he was blinded by the power of his position. Instead of acting like a wise ruler, Creon is convinced of his infallibility and unable to listen to any dissenting opinion and see the tragic consequences of his actions. We can say that Creon behaves like a typical tyrant.

Why did Creon lock Antigone in a vault?

Creon orders Antigone to be locked in a vault because: He could hide her whereabouts from Haemon. There had already been too much bloodshed in Thebes. He could feel less responsible for her death.