Is Claudius accurate?

Though the narrative is largely fictionalized, most of the events depicted are drawn from historical accounts of the same time period by the Roman historians Suetonius and Tacitus. John Aldridge (1st ed.)

Is Claudius the God worth reading?

Like its predecessor, Claudius the God is a wonderful achievement in marrying an historically accurate plot with a compelling narrative and psychologically fascinating characters.

Who is I, Claudius based on?

I, Claudius From the Autobiography of Tiberius Claudius Born 10 B.C. Murdered and Deified A.D. 54 (Vintage International) Paperback – October 23, 1989. Find all the books, read about the author, and more.

What was I, Claudius about?

I, Claudius follows the history of the early Roman Empire, narrated by the elderly Roman Emperor Claudius, from the year 24 BC to his death in AD 54. The series opens with Augustus, the first Emperor of Rome, attempting to find an heir, and his wife, Livia, plotting to elevate her own son Tiberius to this position.

What is the snake in I, Claudius?

In the opening credits, a snake (a Mexican black kingsnake) slithers across a marble table (in a homage/parody to I, Claudius (1976), a historical/political drama series which starred Patsy Byrne).