What did Brecht want the audience feel?

Brecht wanted his audiences to remain objective and unemotional during his plays so that they could make rational judgments about the political aspects of his work.

What did Brecht want the audience to think about the characters they saw on stage?

Brecht wanted to ensure that the audience were aware that they were watching a play (surrounded by artificial and mechanical things such as lights, scenery, curtains and actors ‘being’ a character) and not real life, so that they focus on the issues and not the story.

In what way did Brecht want to distance his audience?

Brecht wanted to “distance” or to “alienate” his audience from the characters and the action and, by dint of that, render them observers who would not become involved in or to sympathize emotionally or to empathize by identifying individually with the characters psychologically; rather, he wanted the audience to …

Why did Brecht estrange the audience?

By creating stage effects that were strange or unusual, Brecht intended to assign the audience an active role in the production by forcing them to ask questions about the artificial environment and how each individual element related to real-life events.

What did Brecht think the purpose of theatre was?

Brecht was a Marxist and made his theatre highly political. He wanted his theatre to spark an interest in his audiences’ perception of the world. He did not want his audiences to sit passively and get lost in a show’s story, but to make them think and question the world they live in.

What did Bertolt Brecht believe when it came to theatre?

Brecht influenced the history of drama by creating epic theatre, which was based on the idea that the theatre should not seek to make its audience believe in the presence of the characters on the stage but instead make it realize that what it sees on the stage is merely an account of past events.

Why did Brecht want the audience to remember that they were watching a play?

Brecht definitely wanted his audience to remain interested and engaged by the drama otherwise his message would be lost. It was emotional investment in the characters he aimed to avoid.

What are the two things that Brecht used to comment narration to the audience?

Devices using the ‘v’ effect

  • Narration. Narration is used to remind the audience that what they’re watching is a presentation of a story. …
  • Coming out of role / third person narration. Commenting upon a character as an actor is a clear way of reminding the audience of theatricality. …
  • Speaking the stage directions.